This morning I had apricot toast and coffee, then participated in a Japanese language speech contest over teleconference call. I’d rehearsed this a dozen times but this was a big strep out of my comfort zone.

(I won my division! They said I spoke “beautifully” and was easy to follow)

But how will you know to avoid? Here’s his hellsite account where he speaks for himself

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Well that’s confusing could the mid Atlantic states figure this out please

This is a perfect example of what I’m talking about when I say LB is not LA

Instagram has apparently resorted to begging for help targeting iOS users with ads, after Apple’s recent changes to iOS

A week after setting up his new email account, my friend got an alert that a login from China had been blocked by 2FA.

Set up that 2FA, folks. And use a password manager; don’t choose your own password like my friend did. If you can remember it then it’s probably not secure enough.

Whoa there Tumblr gonna have to ask you to take it down a notch

To all the employees of big tech being told to resume the unpaid labor of commuting into the office

Lovely feature where you can hit the controller’s share button to stream for hours and nobody attends. My gaming habits are too niche eh folks?

The raccoon brought some crackers with it tonight to wash in the raccoon pool

First, you can’t score unless you know what you’re aiming for. You have to make one of these hands

Not saying living on the coastline is the best place to survive climate change, but definitely living on a coast with some tall mountains at your back is the way to go.

And you probably wouldn’t believe me either except he did stay long enough for me to grab my phone and get a little proof.

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I thought the raccoon might like a bath bin. It seems he does! Next, gonna put food in the water.

Me and my crew getting called in to handle the big job

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