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I made potato and carrot latkes for the first time — basically just grate the vegetables into a wet mash, add an egg and some flour, salt and pepper it and then pan fry the patties.

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Inbox zero tips:

- don't tell anyone your email address
- because you don't have an email address
- and if someone really wants to get in touch with you
- that's their problem
- and they'd better just leave me alone


The way I write code these days is to think about it, put it off, put it off, put it off, stress about why I can’t get started, make someone irritated at me, and then write it in one night and it works without any debugging on the first try. WTF do I always do this.

US politics, metal band 

The MAGA chud dressed in blue here was identified as founding guitarist Jon Schaffer of mediocre metal band Iced Earth. Other band members are now doing damage control. my work is once again featured in this popular book with the increasingly unfortunate title. I recommend waiting for a second printing because apparently this one has print quality issues. Due to Covid19 nobody was able to proof it.

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Anyone else think that in times of national crisis, legitimate media sources should drop their freaking paywalls so they don't lose viewers to conspiracy-pushing right-wing sites that don't have such paywalls?

I mean, leave it up for the sports section if you want, but c'mon!

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FYI You can use youtube-dl to download the subtitles too

If you already got the video and just want the subtitles:
youtube-dl --write-sub --sub-lang en --skip-download URL

Where "URL" is the link

This skips the downloading of the video and just gets the English subtitles

Or if you want the auto-generated subtitles:
youtube-dl --write-auto-sub --sub-lang en --skip-download URL

German is "de", Japanese is "jp" and so on...

VLC should be able to play your video with the downloaded subs

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@cypnk Have you already found the Early Television Museum?

Specifically the CRT Rebuilding section has a wealth of information and project logs:

It focuses on rebuilding existing tubes for antique sets, but I think there's a lot of overlap with fabricating from scratch.

The whole site is pure gold for CRT enthusiasts.

"But what is it that you actually DO" is something two different people have asked me and I haven't even had lunch yet

Now I am starting to wonder also

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uspol / fediverse pitch 

welcome to fedi, we ban racists before they attempt a coup, because believe it or not, your lives matter to us more than a national symbol!

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It's Miyazaki's 80th birthday and because he loves us and wants us to be happy, Ghibli just release almost 2,000 hi-res images from their films for reasonable use. So get on that.

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