Ah, there goes SINGH again, hooning extremely loudly down my street while the baby naps

(I know it's SINGH because his number plate says SINGH)

Fuck you, SINGH.

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@GordyPls @Tarale We have very few solid rules in our house, but the main one is DON'T mess with a baby's sleep. EVER.

@eebzzub @GordyPls So much. I don't know much about Singh but I know he likes fast Japanese cars and he makes American style ribs at the café down the street AND I HATE HIM BECAUSE HE HOONS DOWN MY STREET NEARLY EVERY DAY DURING NAP TIME

@eebzzub @GordyPls @Tarale I stuck a note on our doorbell once saying “Do not use this doorbell. If you do, you will probably wake a sleeping baby. You will then be responsible for getting the baby back to sleep. You don’t want that. Do not use the doorbell.” In retrospect I should have just cut the damn wires.

@fortescue @eebzzub @GordyPls I have a variety of signs I put near the front door for doorbell shushing.

The Mormons rang just as I was getting the toddler down for a nap the other week and they looked so panicked and sorry when I opened the door and his screaming blasted them in the face

@ashleebbb @GordyPls @Tarale That's somewhat of a personal question Ash. 😉

(Only in the warmer months.)

@ashleebbb @eebzzub @GordyPls We got all the birds, man. All the birds.

It's kookaburra time here lately.

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