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Good news Everyone! I've fixed my server issues - DNS / IPv6 routing problems... I've solved it by disabling IPv6.. The best solution!

@eebzzub You can hashtag! They're useful. I just don't, a lot.

@smiffy I'm not seeing it, but I'll look properly after the whole… feeding the boy, bathing the boy, getting the boy to bed thing.

Today in accidental child terror:

I opened an umbrella.

@smiffy I tried on mine, but I could only get a video

@magicroundabout indeed it does! Unfortunately the gif is too large to share.

Aw man I ned to figure out if you can make a .gif out of a live photo because wow I had this cute shot of the boy and now I also have this shot of the contents of his mouth

@simmo Yeah, smaller instances are less overwhelming, too.

@simmo Different local timeline/more suited to interests/personality/etc.

@ashleebbb @eebzzub @GordyPls We got all the birds, man. All the birds.

It's kookaburra time here lately.

@dylanboxalot Some things are easy. Plumbing is… frequently not. Have recently had to have our drains excavated and re-done and oh boy 💸

@fortescue @eebzzub @GordyPls I have a variety of signs I put near the front door for doorbell shushing.

The Mormons rang just as I was getting the toddler down for a nap the other week and they looked so panicked and sorry when I opened the door and his screaming blasted them in the face

@eebzzub @GordyPls So much. I don't know much about Singh but I know he likes fast Japanese cars and he makes American style ribs at the café down the street AND I HATE HIM BECAUSE HE HOONS DOWN MY STREET NEARLY EVERY DAY DURING NAP TIME

@dylanboxalot OH MY GOD this is relatable. And some of what needs fixing is really difficult and/or expensive.

Ah, there goes SINGH again, hooning extremely loudly down my street while the baby naps

(I know it's SINGH because his number plate says SINGH)

Fuck you, SINGH.

parenting redux 

Me: (whispering) hey siri set a timer for ten minutes


Me: *suffocates phone with a pillow*


@Feintist Look, I'm not gonna lie, it was a bit dicey there with the unexpected phone call mid-tear, but we got there in the end, and I'd like to thank my coach and the other players in the team, would never have got there without 'em, and also I'd like to thank my mum THIS IS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE

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