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I made honey-mustard chicken, and the toddler doesn't want it. Grr!

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I think I've barely stopped working all day long, and it's hard not to be bitter that my husband is playing a computer game.

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"To help some of the newcomers make connections: name 5-7 things that interest you but aren't in your profile, as tags so they are searchable. Then boost this post or repeat its instructions so others know to do the same."

I have no idea how to get the yellow off my hands, but I didn't really want to turn into a Simpsons character.


or gardening gloves maybe in case there's prickles and stuff

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Extremely sorry about the downtime. Scaling up to multiple machines has revealed a peculiar issue with a scheduled process that's supposed to run every night... once. It was run on every machine instead, putting the database in a deadlock state.

We're back now and I'm going to add a fix before next night 😩

So when your kids are at an age where they play Minecraft and Terraria with you, do they take on the role of demolition crew then too?

The (nearly 14 month old) boy is dismantling everything we make with Mega Blocks almost as fast as we can make it. :D

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One Sunday I'd like to actually REST instead of doing the laundry/dishes/cooking/gardening/etc/etc/etc/etc

But toddlers are very demanding and it's kind of ironic that the weekends only result in MORE work because my husband is here to play Mega Blocks with the boy while I get things done.

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:birdsite: refugee PSA!
Here's what to CW!
•graphic violence or gore
•sexual content/nudity
•hate topics (racism/sexism/homophobia/transphobia/etc)
•depression/suicide/mental health
•flashing video/gifs
•drug/alcohol use
I know that list seems long, but you'll get used to it soon enough!

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And finally, colour corrections, because drawing with f.lux type stuff on means all my colours were weird (but at least weird in a way they worked together).

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Fixed a few things that were bothering me about the . Moved the mouth up a smidge… It had started too high, then I moved it too low…

Hm. I think I still like the old (short hair) drawing better. Was a more flattering reference photo too. But the new one is closer to how I look lately.

The thing is, I don't know if I actually like it any better than the old one!

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I might have to look at this one again in the morning. But maybe a new avatar?

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I think I need to turn the night time colour changing thing off because I have no idea what colour anything is

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I am not sure about my colours so far, but I'm usually not sure about my colours at this point in a oh shit and I flipped it

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