Bunch of sweet smelling mangoes plucked from the tree in the Bhubaneswar courtyard today (13 June 2020). Got to wait for ripening

Now running from CoVID 19 into a 1700 hrs bang the gong on Sunday 22 March2020

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It is vital for every citizen to ensure that such efforts are made in a never ending process by those who govern

Sometimes I really wonder about 1947! Did we get Freedom on 14-15 August or what we really were dished out was Partition?

Indians ran for linking Aadhaar. Ran for changing Currency. Ran for 1 Nation 1 Ration Card. Indians have been kept busy like how! Now we jobless Indians are running for that bloody !! Screw the Economy, Onions, rapes and killings and all else. The whole wide world does not, any more, bother about anyone's religion, skin color, pronounciation or food as long as the person is superb in whatever s/he does. We Run

youtu.be/ZYGd-llxHJE --

If watched attentively, this video exposes how only tiny parts of India(mostly in & around NCR) have blossomed while rest of the sub continent is in the dark. Light or Enlightenment about which all religious blokes have talked about, in reality, probably implied material prosperity as contained in electric bulbs

Make no judgemental error. This probably is all about a Turk who is PM of an island nation off Europe

@therealmotabhai must be behind these games. Lion vs Hippo will be a terrible battle so what we are seeing is probably a game being played out for future control of this nation. It will be Biz not Politics. We are on the stands. Clapping and cheering

Read a news report in Indian Express that claimed Mastodon has suspended an account of Assam Police. A very welcome move indeed but not sure why that was done & how will it help keep stability and security in this universe. Any enlightenment would be welcome but not from the cops please

Just when I start to feel Indian politics and politics has reached 'rock bottom', lo' & behold, I am surprised to find them going to a new low😆

How can the computer (EVM microcontroller) make such large errors? The Election Comm of India tech committee hasn't felt any need to explain these things. Indians are supposed to be a docile tribe! Heard the petition mentions mismatches in 370 plus constituencies
Indians are not merely docile and moronic, they are also not very particular about whether they lead a savage existence without basic rights. Perhaps because we have never really cared about or experienced 'rights'.

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ADR has filed a petition in SC on Nov 15, asking for ‘a Court order directing EC to conduct actual and accurate reconciliation of the (votes) data before declaration of final result of any election’. Number of votes cast was more than total figure of voters in voters' list across all constituencies in Madhya Pradesh during 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

This inordinate delay in forming govt in Maharashtra will end in Cong MLAs getting purchased. Unfortunate that NCP & Cong are even considering bargaining. Both have exhibited no political convictions ever. Old age slowing down thinking processes could be a major reason for dithering at the fish market timesofindia.indiatimes.com/in

Who on earth is Rahul G any way? The country wants to move ahead, I guess. It's only politicos who need to stick to the past to justify their own existence

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This seems to be the biggest issue that our ruling party has in front of it. Economy sinking(getting destroyed?) with no new original thinking capability demonstrated in matters concerning it & relations with virtually every neighboring nation down in dumps being just two issues among a plethora:
BJP to stage countrywide stir on Saturday seeking Rahul's apology on Rafale issue -

Am I surprised!! Why on earth should people be sooo very politically bothered that extremely temporary politicians break up families and relationships? All these 'powerful' blokes will bite the dust in front of our eyes

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