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Portland Trail Blazers owner Paul Allen donated $100,000 to a group seeking to keep the GOP in control of the U.S. House of Representatives, and other news. portlandmercury.com/blogtown/2

Hi aspiring ! If you can’t afford to take my @skillshare class on accessibility, I am happy to provide you with a code so you can watch it for free.

In return I ask that you write an *honest* review and share the class with your peers!

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Artwork for Queer Garden will be created by @Tatianamac 💛. She already gave some great hints as to which direction it’ll go in. #MastoArt

@Tatianamac The proposed solution to every Mastodon problem is "run your own instance, and make it work however you like".

I understand why techies like this approach: it gives them all the power and none of the responsibility.

After reading more, I feel that Mastodon’s regulation is simply problematic in different ways than Twitter.

I also regret not having done more research around instances.

Mastodon overwhelms me.

I still can't get Twitter bridge to work—do we think this is Mastodon's way of telling me to just give up on Twitter altogether?

I forget how hard it is to learn a new tool for a new user, even those who are adept computer users.

Has anyone else successfully followed their Twitter friends via bridge?

If you want to work with me and the other people at @w3c_wai in Europe, we’re searching for a “Cognitive and Learning Disabilities Accessibility Specialist”.

See the full job offer here: w3.org/Consortium/Recruitment/

@petervangrieken hi! I feel like this is the beginning of Facebook when I wrote on people's walls, and someone else could erase it. 😅

Already, this feels more successful than Vero did. I'm already impressed by some of the features!

Also, hi!


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