People simultaneously complain how easy and limited HTML/CSS are and at the same time screw it up.

Given how straight-forward HTML is, it's quite surprising how many front-end developers don't know its fundamentals.

Don't skip on learning HTML if you work on web UIs, folks! It's the core of what we do, it's important. 🌟

@yatil Absolutely this! I think modern dev often prioritizes "slickness," not providing access to information. At its core, I think this is where gets so lost on devs who learn dev through frameworks.

@Tatianamac Agreed. And when I give advice on a low level, many developers are far removed from the actual DOM output that they don’t even know where to start. Web development education currently is a mess.


@yatil Ugh maybe it's bias but I'm so grateful that the three convos I've had on Mastodon are already so much less anxiety-inducing.

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