After reading more, I feel that Mastodon’s regulation is simply problematic in different ways than Twitter.

I also regret not having done more research around instances.

Mastodon overwhelms me.

@Tatianamac it's definitely not perfect. But if you find a community that fits your needs it'd be a better experience.

@Tatianamac I'd highly recommend to you!

@Tatianamac what kind of problematic stuff did you find with Mastodon? I've found myself less overwhelmed here. I felt like twitter was a firehose each morning, while this is like sipping water in over a day.

@moiety @sonniesedge I think unlike Twitter, this means best case, tons of COCs to learn, different for each instance involved in a convo, for example.

The way in which your information can extend beyond your instance, so that even private info can be shared with adjustments to code.

The idea of being easily impersonated.

The problematic WM who run Mastodon.

This thread helped me to understand;

@Tatianamac @sonniesedge hmm, that’s an interesting thread. I’m not entirely sold on the idea that instance admins can read private toots (which includes Mastodon’s form of DMs). So far it’s been a far happier place. Of course we’ll have to wait and see where it goes from here.

@moiety @Tatianamac I think that's the end effect for me also. So far, it's happier. Maybe because it isn't yet a place filled with reports of the worst things happening, and people aggressively pushing their personal brand. I've no doubt that will change, but I'm hoping Mastodon will be able to cope with the change, unlike twitter that is absolutely rigid and inflexible.

@sonniesedge @moiety yeah, it’s the lack of news articles, to start, which put me into a rage. I relate to the feelings of it being calmer for that reason.

And also, I don’t feel safe posting here what I post on Twitter, which is important to me. It feels like there isn’t tolerance for “real talk;” or at least my brand of it.

@Tatianamac @sonniesedge @moiety if you CW appropriately I'm convinced that what ever your particular brand of real talk is will be appreciated by a lot of people.

@Tatianamac @moiety *That* is 100% a problem here. Mastodon is still overwhelmingly straight, white and male. Although I suspect twitter is just the same, but now it's large enough that PoC groups can have their own communities with a critical mass.

@sonniesedge @Tatianamac I’ve come across some more diverse ones: & Before I knew about those I stared I’ll have to see if it gets any traction.

Haven’t checked these, but they might be more diverse:

@Tatianamac @moiety Those are interesting thoughts! I hadn't considered the impersonation aspect - that's definitely a problem for anyone getting targeted with harassment. 🤔

@Tatianamac @moiety I'd also be paranoid about DMs on a system like this. But in the same way that I'm wary about them on Twitter.

@Tatianamac The proposed solution to every Mastodon problem is "run your own instance, and make it work however you like".

I understand why techies like this approach: it gives them all the power and none of the responsibility.

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