@TauAs Dangit. Watched it for too long, now everything I see is moving...

@TauAs what i find cool about this is it is **not** an impossible structure like many similar optical illusions.

This can, in fact, exist in the real world without any special circumstances being needed to represent it (you could build this out of cardboard)


Not much to explain. Its basically a mobius like structure.

Try to imagine a piece of rubber, a bit like a pole, but instead of being a round cylinder it were a four sided "rod".. since its rubber its flexible.. now take the two end and connect them together creating a ring. If you make sure when you do this you have a 1/4 turn on one end you would wind up with a structure like what you see in the imagine.


@freemo @TauAs Thanks, I can see it now! With each big circle rotation it does half a twist

@TauAs that is awesome , head melting , whilst simultaneously relaxing and beautiful.

@TauAs I've been looking at your posts, and really like lots of them. Interesting and a pleasure to read. 🍀

@TauAs Well, you certainly find good stuff. Really the kind of material that makes Mastodon inspiring to watch. 👍

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