A french one, yes (the cheese, not the woman).

@TauAs Someone must've spied on my wife

Things she said yesterday:
"I'm gonna eat cheese, with a side of this other cheese"
"*giggle* I like cheese"
"You know what's great? Cheese"
"You know what I like? Cheese"
"I'm so happy I can eat cheese tomorrow too"

@TauAs tbh, even as a cis, though not straight, guy, that ***would fascinate me***. "Why did you just give me cheese? Where did you get this cheese? What do you plan to do with this cheese? Is it any good, this cheese? Do you have crackers and a nice chutney to go with it? You do? Aces! Let's snuggle and eat some bomb ass cheese. And talk about the cheese shop at which you acquired this bomb ass cheese."

@TauAs sorry, I also want to focus on the line about filling the lady's shoe with rue... 1) that's a bit creepy, to go nicking her shoes, innit? 2) what the fuck is that supposed to do to the lady? "Oh Kevin, you took my slipper and filled it with flowers and hung it above the bed! Take me now Kevin! Never before have I been so apoplectic with lust!!"

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