opportunity available for the Spring Semester--Earn college credit while learning about from an industry professional. Must be a college junior or senior with proficiency in Adobe , , and . Prerequisite reading required. Stipend available, flexible hours. Please email resume to nicole@ghostglyphstudios.com



Hey all, if you could, spread the next post around. Looking for an intern for Ghost Glyph Studios.

So here's a thing I can't post elsewhere without having someone angrily complain to me, but 30+ balloons on every page is bad, also a douche move to pull on your letterer.

Will I letter over 50 pages today? Signs point to yes.

One of my favourite pages from this #NCBD's releases.

DARK FANG #1 by Kelsey Shannon, Miles Gunter and @TaylorEspo comicspace.masto.host/media/Gc

So is there an app I can use to switch between accounts? I wanna keep this one to personal stuff, and @GhostGlyph for comic-specific things.


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