So for now, I'll move my postings on things , and to my admin account over on this new instance...Leaving this as my main personal account for general posting.

So with a few friends, just launched this new instance:

INDIEWEB.SOCIAL is a home for those who build, study, promote  - or are just fascinated by - a wide variety of , , and practices and technologies.

We seek to promote innovation and shared evolution and promotion of such technologies as well as to offer this instance itself as a platform to experiment with integration and early implementations...

From the creator of Ruby on Rails, and the CTO of Basecamp. “May RSS rise again. Stronger because we are wiser.” Hope so.

types: may be some good ideas in the Tumblr Labs features. Am relooking at Tumblr post-Automattic purchase, and am setting up an account there again... but only to syndicate to from my main account.

Good post here on the from @manton. It is an older post but I just came across it.

"Owning your content isn’t about portable software. It’s about portable URLs and data. It’s about domain names...If you can’t use your own domain name, you can’t own it. Your content will be forever stuck at those silo URLs, beholden to the whims of the algorithmic timeline and shifting priorities of the executive team."

Very worth checking out: NetNewsWire, an friendly RSS feed reader for MacOS just hit beta 4.

Mulling over, selfhosting a new and focused instance on an old Mac at home, vs remote hosting on @mastohost or other.

The main issue is I might want to customize things to make the instance the most friendly possible.... Haven't even explored if that would require forking code, or can be done on a hosted environment.

@manton looks at the Tumblr purchase and sees it as a good thing for the :

"I wonder if and Automattic are on parallel tracks...finding our own path to a shared vision of the future that embraces content ownership, supports healthy communities, and deemphasizes massive social networks."

Now that I see that it doesn't already exist, I am actively exploring setting up a new instance just focused on how the , () and related efforts all mix. Or how they should but don't yet. The instance software itself could also be a place to experiment on how to do this better.This would be akin to how other instances are purely focused on Privacytools, or other subsets of tech.
Anyone interested in co-admin-ing?

Interesting that like , the platform limited search to more basic things purposefully to avoid harassment and spam. Seems wise but needs good UI explanation, as Twitter and FB have trained us we have a divine right to search every single public thing. @Gargron @manton @humanetech

Am considering creating & admining at new instance focusing just on "openweb" -- which would include , integrating across these efforts and the like.

Ok what do you think?

That will make my project of migrating last posts from to the open web via a lot easier:

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