Driving home from a morning in Charlotte, the 77 was backed up due to an accident. The worst cause of traffic, knowing that it could be a very bad day for others. A semi was in the exit only lane, trying to get in. We were all going very slow, I stopped and let the traffic clear in front enough for him/her to get in (it took at least 5 minutes). She/he got in and blinked lights for thanks. Somehow I love that.

@sundilu Oh I totally get this. Totally. It's the gift of kindness and then thanks between anonymous strangers.

@katebowles Yes.

Thinking about road behavior, the way (myself included) we sometimes act in ways that we wouldn't if we had to speak to the person afterwards. Screaming at someone getting in your way, going too slow, honking, flipping off. Behavior to strangers similar to what easily happens in web spaces where eye contact does not follow an interaction. But kindness sticks out.

@sundilu @katebowles "Kindness sticks out" but is so rarely documented or reported on.

Thinking about how our worldview changes when we focus on the kindness of strangers and the good that we can do for others.

@Tdorey @katebowles My first thought, reporting of kindness often taken as cheesy. But that is dumb right? And Patty Jenkins talking about Wonder Woman and not being afraid to be cheesy in this way. Although the film not a revolution, that felt good.

Capacity or bandwidth for kindness has to be noticed as well. Sometimes other heavy life things take over. Maybe where forgiveness on the other end is needed.

@sundilu @katebowles @Tdorey kindness is never cheesy. lying on my side with the first glimpses of the day I love these words. People aren't conditioned to expect kindness today, but there is no reason why not. -here's something cheesy: we are the change.

It's only cheesy because it sounds like, yeah right, or do you really mean that. I do. Cheesy stops being cheesy when it is sincere and unplanned.

Here's to random acts of kindness today.


@lauraritchie @katebowles @sundilu I agree completely. Sincere, unplanned and small acts of awareness and kindness are at the core of

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