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All right. I've written my post about incommensurability of campus & online and distance education. I will warn you that I keep re-writing it... Thoughts and discussion on this one are really appreciated.


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"maybe we need more online & distance only institutions and organizations who should focus only on what the best possible learning opportunities look like when they are set-within."
Read the post!

@Otterscotter Thank you! I feel like my ideas are still a little disconnected, but I'm working on it. Trying to put together a proposal for an OER18 workshop to explore these things (before, during and after - onsite & offsite). So, fingers crossed, there is more to come... @actualham @econproph

@Tdorey It's a really interesting read, and I am very much in agreement with the idea of providing opportunities for higher education for those who would otherwise be excluded from it.

Looking forward to seeing how those ideas evolve.

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@Tdorey @econproph @actualham Looking forward to learning more about where this takes you (and us)! Thanks!

@Otterscotter Proposal is in and it involves opportunities to get involved at a distance before, during and after the conference... fingers crossed that we can reduce at least a tiny bit of :) @actualham @econproph

@Tdorey @econproph @actualham
Woot! Happy to help with any remote facilitation/technology. Let me know!

@Otterscotter @actualham @Tdorey
Well if there's anything I can contribute w/ or for remote facilitation/tech, I'm in.

I'm still hoping I get accepted though and then find the $ to go so that Scott can have . ;-)