Holiday Monday. We walked along the river, fixed the patio chairs and swept off the deck. Now enjoying the sun and shade and wildflowers we planted in an old bucket this spring while eating our first homegrown peas. And the cat. It’s a good day.

And on a happier note, here is a great internet friendly pic of my kids.

Somehow this made me think about Pooh and Christopher Robbins in the 100 Acre Woods.

But then all of a sudden, I remembered that I had an unread book (the kind with pages on it).


Thinking about my cat. I’ve never in my life before had a pet. Regularly I find myself surprised how much I care for her (and how much I put up with from her.)

After a busy week, it is Saturday and our living area looks like a bomb went off. And there is the cat sleeping in the middle of homework & work clothes & steel toed shows &my glasses (!?) Part of me wants to start sorting it all, resetting for the week ahead, and part of me wants to follow the lead of the cat and just find a cozy place to curl up in the mess.

I've been thinking about utopian views of technology for the last couple of days. And then I saw this.

It is not technology that has the ability to affect change, but the folks who use it to break the existing rules, against all odds, in a world stacked against them in small ways and in small corners... HT @14prinsp

I started early washing floors. After two trips to the dump we loaded the inside & top of the car. I travelled with the two reluctant travellers. The cat cried the whole way. The 14-yo boy was resigned. But several hours later, the same boy was spinning around on a cart in on empty Ikea parking lot. Smiling.

As I go to sleep on the floor in an almost empty house, I look over & see my grandma’s painting on the wall. Smiling.

Spent a wonderful day with @lauraritchie @clhendricksbc and @thatpsychprof . There was music, demos, laughter, fun and beautiful clouds.

Laura told me to look up! and notice the clouds. I told her to look down! and see our friends. (That must be why I have no pictures of those clouds.) Truly wonderful

Creativity in the Open first event was (from my Absolutely biased perspective) was a success! So thankful to be in a room with such great folks.

A day at home with no obligations! And brunch my favourite meal to make because it only happens when there is time. And after brunching while camping, brunching at home was pure ultimate luxury! https://mastodon. social/media/tR4Hve3xezxmsTxpItg

I have a place I walk when I need to think. As I pass the smallest flowers and the trees, both grand and broken, the active thoughts in my brain slow. Sometimes I then hear a quiet truth from deep inside. This time it whispered, "It hurts to feel invisible." @mahabali Hey, reading "6 Top experts expose..."

really great! but... hoping I can ask some questions - in what both of your writings, there is a "Tweet this" - Did do pick those? Did you know that they were there? Any thoughts on this practice? (Seems to me the opposite of developing critical anything?)

I was poking around discourse and cam across someone doing a survey & one more reason to love this community - people expressing concern over the use of a Google product (Google forms).

Whether we are using Google products or not, we sure as heck should be thinking about their use and having conversations about the impacts.

Sharing a pic of daughter's grad slippers sent by her nanuk. So happy she sent them. So happy my girl is wearing them.

I've been feeling sad about things lost this week. Then we received an unexpected package from my (ex) mother-in-law.

Beaded graduation slippers for my oldest daughter and a new atigi (summer jacket) for my youngest girl. The fabric is printed with hearts that say: love me, hug me, be mine.

Maybe even when the world pulls apart kith survives and binds us, bonds stretched but not broken.

So I wrestled with PHP, FTP, Git and CSS (Oh the CSS!) to add the sidebar and top info I know I need on my site.

The result? One fantastically busy and ugly site. I cant decide if I hate it or love it. But I built it - and you can't get something like *this* off the rack 😂

I just picked up a corsage for my daughter's graduation. I realized that it is the first time I've been the keeper of such an arrangement made of real flowers.

Been thinking about the supporting roles that I've played. Realized that I have 17 years of supporting other folks reach their goals across *many* difficult situations.

Then I came across this - Words that stuck out were "now and then." Maybe it oughtn't be a full-time job.

Any chance the is something out there that can read this code on paper and get it back into an electronic format? It sure seems like a lot of stuff to type...

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