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"On the fateful afternoon of April 8, 2017, yours truly was bored and decided he wanted to set up this hot new piece of social networking software called Mastodon. Little did he know how this bit of idle curiosity would affect his life months down the line.

This is the story from then to now in various pieces, as much as I can recall anyways. I don’t remember every detail but what remains is enough to write this post."


I wrote this post, I hope y'all read it.

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✨Happy birthday to @Gargron ✨

best wishes and many happy returns of the day, and many more even happier to come!

I'd also take a moment to encourage you to give Eugen and yourself a gift if you can by supporting mastodon on patreon: patreon.com/mastodon or liberapay: liberapay.com/Mastodon/ every $/Β£/€ helps support development of this instance and this whole platform.

Thinking about the tension created between letting go and holding on and what that has to do with

@Damage It's beautiful. I'm going to share it with my daughter who has what we call "anxiety." (Yes, it's complicated.) Thank you for the honesty of your writing and your courage to share.

@andrawatkins I won't speak for @lauraritchie , but I most certainly do not qualify as a "nimble seamstress," more like the stubborn one who owns a sewing machine with lots of experience ripping mis-sewn seams.

@andrawatkins Men's ties yes, but just pinned to the mannequin. The hcallenge now is to turn the idea into an actual dress. I'm so glad Laura got a picture.


I worry about my son. I worry via homeschooling he doesn't get enough social interaction, worry that I'm simply enabling him in underachieving.

But then... This week he was out in the yard identifying orange mould & bugs, doing his math, *writing*, and taking up archery. I do not know what the future holds for him, but it feels like we have turned some kind of a corner. (fingers crossed).

And that's good because he has a younger sister just like him... Parenting is not for the faint of heart.

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Being an open-source maintainer is really hard. A lot of people tend to act very entitled towards you, as if you "owe" them your time or your attention.

It's totally illogical: you put something out there for free, and now because of that, folks feel like they deserve more of it! And yet this is often the prevailing mood in OSS communities.

At the same time, you may start to believe this logic yourself, leading to "open-source guilt." This often ends in burnout.

@lauraritchie Last boost - For the dress of TIES! Thinking maybe I should start collecting.

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After a busy week, it is Saturday and our living area looks like a bomb went off. And there is the cat sleeping in the middle of homework & work clothes & steel toed shows &my glasses (!?) Part of me wants to start sorting it all, resetting for the week ahead, and part of me wants to follow the lead of the cat and just find a cozy place to curl up in the mess. mastodon.social/media/WYRvrbJL

@dogtrax @katebowles I’m renting a house in my new neighbourhood. Small houses on large lots. I look across the street where the for sale signs are up. If they get four in a row, they will replace the little houses with townhouses (same size, smaller footprint). I have mixed feelings because the neighbourhood will lose some of its charm and space to breathe, but I will (hopefully) be able to afford one of them. Certainly better than watching monster home construction!

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@andrawatkins @lauraritchie @fgraver My father has always been my role model. He has been for me a pillar of strength and truth and integrity and kindness. It seems he now is being betrayed by both his own body and mind, this man who was always there for and saw the good in everyone else. It hurts.

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@paralithode @lauraritchie @katebowles

Making marks on sand... I think about all the 'permanent' things I've done - files saved to disks lost, photo albums ruined, a library I catalogued whose roof fell in (?!) -all gone.

Maybe it's a reminder to focus on the things that you can carry in your heart that are lighter and harder to lose (though I'm being reminded lately that even the mind fades).... Maybe *we* are simply marks on sand.

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@Elizafox we've built a world around apps and silos rather than around open protocols and APIs.

In my opinion, dark updates are OK, scarceness it OK too.

I had similar struggles over Christmas, stunned at the progress and toll a mystery illness has taken on my dad.

Sending kind thoughts and care.

I woke up with a fright this morning at 4am. "Where is the cat?" Usually she's crying to go out. What if she didn't come in last night?

I got up and she was sitting quietly in front of the fire...relieved I went into the bathroom only to find a dead mouse.

I came out and looked at the cat again. She stared innocently at me as I wondered what part she played in the demise of that young mouse. I thought I saw some guilt, but I guess will never know for sure.

@katebowles Oh Kate! I remember when I was at home with three small kids who never seemed to sleep, someone said," Enjoy it. It goes too fast." I didn't believe them then. I do now.

But that little girl that sought your comfort as she wailed on the beach is still there. Just now all dressed up in big person skin. 🌻