I guess I'll do an .

I'm TeJay, and I am working on a webcomic called The Grimoire of Luka. It's not published yet, because I am working on a huge buffer.

The Grimoire of Luka is about Luka, a reluctant alchemist, who ends up tangled up with an archduke of the underworld as her familiar.

He is not pleased. Neither is she.

No, it's not a romance comic.

I'm just gonna follow all the artists because I want my timeline to feel like normal and that means I need artists to make me jealous enough to improve my own work.

I need to stop with this "just one more minute" thing I'm doing right now.

Get off the computer, TeJay, it's time for bed. You have to go to work in the morning and you're gonna be grumpy because it's cold.

@Andy_P My question is whether we can coax the various webcomic weekly chats over here, and if that would work with this setup.

@Andy_P It was the one-armed man!

I was actually scrolling through the federated timeline and saw your handle. I'm guessing this platform is still very tiny if I'm recognizing people on the global.

@caitlike Me too. I signed up about 15 minutes ago and I need to wake up for work in 6 hours.

@shingworks Eleven miles?

I usually clock 5 per day, but that's because work makes me do it. I think 11 at once might kill me.

@slipstream Thanks much. The interface is different, will take some getting used to, but I think having notifications and feed side by side is a great idea.

I'll take a look-see of the guide.

Twitter? Not me, I toot for my life. I toot till I die. I'm part of the cool kids now. I'm ahead of my time. I fart my thoughts now, idiot twitter.


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