Since new folks are coming in lately, I should do another intro, maybe.

I'm Zac Anger. Bi, 28, from Pennsylvania but now I live in Utah. I used to play music a lot, and run a studio and stuff, but now I write computer things, mostly in JS.

Politically I'm fairly far left.

My posts are usually just social, but sometimes I post about kpop (any Orbits here?), code things, food, alcohol, and how much I miss trees and rivers now that I live in the almost-desert.


@zacanger .yex brother in law married a lady from SLC Utah. (we were from Ohio) He moved to Utah. Years later he visited Ohio without kids. They came to my house. The kids were little and were afraid of the trees(and the noise tree frogs make) They thought the trees were making the noise. They kept saying "Will they hurt us?" They wanted to go back to where there weren't any trees.

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