@xpac Hast du das Feldbett noch? Ich hätte da einen Interessenten

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So we are now here:
- housing crisis with rising rents

- inflation with a subjective 30% price increase (people skip meals)

- energy prices rising tremendously

- politicians don't take the climate catastrophe seriously and are only interested in next-term elections (and they'll be dead when it gets grim)

- heating in the next winter season looks bad, because of gas shortage

- choose between 42 hours week or pension with 70, because *mumble* economy

What is this fuckage?

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Verflixt. Ich hätte dann ein, evtl. zwei Ruhrpott Rodeo Tickets abzugeben, alle Tage, ohne Camping. Jemand Interesse? :boost_ok:

Na da bin ich ja mal gespannt wer eher die Oberhand hier hat.


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