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Hi all, I wrote an essay pulbished in the Gargoyle about what the old norse god Óðinn might have to do with queer representation. Loki is there too!

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wow this account is a minute old and it is already time for soulless self promotion.

Do you want your 5e game to have more terror, religion, and cannibalism?

Do you feel a sense of dread connected to not playing in a setting inspired by the experiences of Arab travelers on the 10th century Volga river?

Does your game need a god of power, mayhem, and weird genders who will give you presents?


I know it's pretty early in the day, but I've decided to reject the principle of non-contradiction

phishing doesn’t work on me cause i never check my fucking email

youtube introduces feature to let you replace any video on another channel with "you've been gnomed" for only $420.69 per video

Every unhoused person is about a billion times smarter, wiser, and more clever than Facebook commentors who think they've come up with the perfect solution to the housing crisis

There is no way to do the 4 books thing without revealing yourself to be a baby or a loser

Not wanting to get your ass kicked is rooted in the arbitrary standards of settler colonial society

I retired from witchcraft to begin a new career as a cunning-woman

Hey bro, what's up?
I'm agenda, actually.
Oh that's so cool! Do you want to kiss me now or after I put my makeup on?

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Is it even fair to say I like men when every dude I'm attracted to has an absolutely fucked relationship with masculinity?

The forest was invented, by God, to suck dick in. Sorry if this offends

So if you google "trans girl stalin" there's a telegraph article called

"Gulags were 'compassionate', 'educational' institutions, say trans rights campaigners"

they/thems think they understand gender. Pure hubris.

wish all these they/thems would stop themsplaining things to me smdh

they/thems fucking piling in my followers list like it's a tiny clown car

The good ol days: you were hired and if you didn't show up for 113 of all 168 hours of the week, you would be arrested for being a Communist
Today: you get hired and you're given the extreme privledge of working a single hour each month. Nobody will ever think you're a communist

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