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Hi all, I wrote an essay pulbished in the Gargoyle about what the old norse god Óðinn might have to do with queer representation. Loki is there too!

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wow this account is a minute old and it is already time for soulless self promotion.

Do you want your 5e game to have more terror, religion, and cannibalism?

Do you feel a sense of dread connected to not playing in a setting inspired by the experiences of Arab travelers on the 10th century Volga river?

Does your game need a god of power, mayhem, and weird genders who will give you presents?


oh you know, they're a small town canada kinda guy... gay, non-binary

if you ever date a guy who looks likes he's from always sunny in Philadelphia... well... it would not be good but i would pity you

psychologists invented the false concept of 'fear' to manipulate me.

gilgamesh and enkidu destroyed humbaba when they said, in unison "more like bumhaba"

gilgamesh and enkidu annihilated humbaba the terrible when they sent him a picture saying "silence, giant" on clay twitter

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at this point wikipedia should just rename "personal life" to the "are they gay" section

@TeethTeethTeeth he died under mysterious circumstances shortly after signing up for 3 life insurance policies

it's all 'my wife', 'your wife' with you guys. What about My husband??

what if i had earings that looked like burgers. How fucking cool would that be

girls love it when you create a new thesis based on synthesis

abba making new music is very funny to me in the same way that somebody looping their body around a couple of times like a snake and sticking their head through the window is funny

i decided to start producing writing which took a step into the 'erotica zone' because 2 authors described sex as just 'fucking' one too many times

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