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wow this account is a minute old and it is already time for soulless self promotion.

Do you want your 5e game to have more terror, religion, and cannibalism?

Do you feel a sense of dread connected to not playing in a setting inspired by the experiences of Arab travelers on the 10th century Volga river?

Does your game need a god of power, mayhem, and weird genders who will give you presents?


part of the Feminist Agenda® is cutting up the bigger genders into bite size chunks for children

the body is like the most horrifying thing, why would you need other kinds?

this website is like a big trash heap and we are the gulls who prey upon it and the residents of the local hamlet who come here to get rid of their broken appliances

I'm actually a little mad at myself for being this tired, it barely 2 weeks into the school year, do I need to eat more lentils or something?

selposts continue to spore, lay eggs, fester, ferment, generally rot, and be reborn in a new kind of sexy miasma

eco friendly transportation system: you pick me up, cradle me in your arms like a baby, and take me to my chosen destination, pronto.

When Laozi said:
"True words are not beautiful
Beautiful words are not true"
I really felt that

[at a Mastodon-themed restaurant]

me: yes, waiter, I'll have the Rice Youngquist.

*I turn to the camera* That's it. that's the whole joke.

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