Here are some cool lies to tell at parties:

1. You were once in a cult (keep details vague, some people are cult experts)
2. You once stole your brother's army uniform to get the Denny's vetran's discount (describe it as "that time I got a good racket going)
3. Claim to have worked in the tupperware industry (decline to show your tupper ware burns)
4. Say that you were born with a tail which your parents let grow until you wre 13 (you still have it in a jar)

i used to do this one all the time, no one ever second guesses,
5. You are a youth martial arts instructor (and yeah it's very rewarding)

@TeethTeethTeeth WTF is the rubber Tupperware industry??? That’s gotta be a made up ‘industry’

@SpunkyAlpaca it's like plastics, hasn't anybody said to you "i work in plastics " or "my uncle worked in plastics, before the accident"

it's like that

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