What we have not yet innovated is a way to be silent and close to people online. We can only reduce distance through the loudness of words and that is tiring, it is not always preferable

@TeethTeethTeeth I think about this a lot because one of the things I love to do is be quiet with puzzle and drink coffee silently with others the proximity and silence is wonderful. But that isnt here

@Cyborgneticz @TeethTeethTeeth concept: new social media with no likes and no replies and no posts and no words. It's just a big virtual canvas you can share with a maximum of 4 people and draw things on.

I think that a fave is like a moment of something which then goes away, it's eye contact, a nod of the head

@TeethTeethTeeth Doing dungeons with someone u know in silence, knowing each other so well you KNOW not just how you play but how they play.

@TeethTeethTeeth Sometimes I just sort of hang out in abject silence on voice chat with my brother while we both play different video games

yeah so we should just come over the house. 

@TeethTeethTeeth ... like baman and piderman.

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