Would you like to read my gay and trans relationship/sex story called "Suction"?

CW for erotica and gender dysphoria?

Feeling deeply frustrated at the moment. I've finally found a journal that would like to publish my story but they basically want me to cut the first 1/3 of it, which basically makes it into a sex scene and the aftermath. I feel like the editor's have missed the point, and I'm not even sure what point I was trying to make.

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@TeethTeethTeeth very much liked it — it gives a sort of a claustrophobic feeling i think was precisely what you intended. also the literally alien genitalia where a nice touch i thought

Thanks so much for reading and leaving such a thoughtful comment.
The initial idea for the story came from me wondering what having sex with a suction cup would be like. I then remembered that queer intimacy is rarely so simple.

@TeethTeethTeeth Very laconic, very direct. I loved both style and content. (I had Massenet's Werther playing in the background. Wasn't intended to be fitting, but it was. 😊 )

Thanks so much! ✨ I'm grateful that you read my work and enjoyed it!

They want me to drastically shorten the part before the 2 characters get into bed together basically because they feel that the first section, where they eat dinner, ect, doesn't contribute to the themes of the story.

@TeethTeethTeeth ...what do they think the themes are? it's an awkward, messy slice of trans life

@TeethTeethTeeth and there's more to our lives than bad sex (or, for that matter, good sex)

Don't trans people sign up for this gig just to feel deeply uncomfortable during sex?
Anyway, I don't know what to do. I think I might argue my case that fewer edits should be made.

@TeethTeethTeeth If it feels bad in your gut, you know what to do.

I made cuts for publication once, and it ended up kinda like you described. I always lowkey regretted doing it.

Your "point" doesn't have to be objectively describable to be real.

It's been awhile since I've seen you on mastadon! Thank you for the support.
I'll do what I can to keep the story as is.

@TeethTeethTeeth Cut the ties. Don't respond. Don't ever contact them again.

@TeethTeethTeeth suction by teethteethteeth? sounds like a HOLY SHIT NO!?
the implications are very scary, so idk what to say... I kinda wanna read, but heck no im scared

That's fair. I don't think it's that bad though! There's a tiny bit of body horror, but mostly it's about queer sex and relationships.

@TeethTeethTeeth this was a trip and a half, but i liked it quite a bit. boosted.

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