In the near future, Jordan Peterson will apply his 'order and chaos in balance" thing to a social problem and accidentally invent marxism wholecloth

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The uh workers you see, they're the one who'r representing chaos!

@TeethTeethTeeth i mean, yea. the lower classes are the pre-creational prima materia which the ruling classes try to press & demarcate into useful (to them) forms

@TeethTeethTeeth but of course any categorisation schema can only exist in opposition to an outside, and so any form of social striation or stratification creates its own marginalia which both sustain it and seek to overthrow it. this is the mythological reading on class struggle

I like how you wrote that out while I googled a cartoon. Also how do I get the zine?

@TeethTeethTeeth i'll post a link on what will be the day after tomorrow on your timezone i think

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