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I think that pushback against literary analysis is an expression of contempt for art in general. "It's not that deep" is a way of saying art is not worth understanding, which is another way of saying that it is not worth spending any time on. People who say this very often do spend time engaging with art, but they internalise an ideology which is opposed to art functioning as anything other than a commodity

All other unions trembled before the too-mighty power of the 🌈 FRIENDZONE 🀝

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Telegram call quality survey or ghost hunting experience?

I hate to make this my first toot (awesome verb), but mastodon is kinda hard. I hate making 'big' decisions right when I first start using something (like what mastodon server I'm going to be on, or what talents I'm permalocking in a game)

Already, I tried to follow a friend who is on .snoots
...And it wants me to use my username@domain... Where is my @domain? Clicking on my icon here doesn't show it. The fact that it's in the url isn't immediately apparent with such a vague server name.....


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