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I'm not really sure how to promote myself. If you've enjoyed my work, and have ever felt the urge to throw some coin at me, I now have a Patreon.

I reveal the filename of the individual story and sometimes have additional notes/thoughts about them too. It's all completely free there, if you wish to check it out. I haven't thought of anything to actually place behind a subscription.

Here's the link, thanks for your time and interest!

Good morning :tootplanet: and tootfriends!

Today I wish you a creative boost ✨

It was dark and wet outside.

Not actively, it was calm in the aftermath of the downpour. A vivid memory that prevented the sun from reappearing.

Well, okay, the CLOUDS were; I had a vague idea of how weather worked.

Humans had a way of explaining everything.

Other fey griped that it sapped the magic out of the world.

But I disagreed.

Science was just their magic.

And their science gave us Cold Brew; the most magical of elixirs!

Was half asleep while writing last night and just discovered I have named one of my upcoming stories "Welcome to Flipper Town!"

That sounds more exciting than it should.

It doesn't have much to do with dolphins.

I kept stars in a bottle, just in case.

You never know when you'll need a twinkle in an eye or smile or on the toes of dancing shoes.

People would ask where I got them, where I kept getting them, and I'd laugh and tell them; the same place everyone gets them.

And they would act confused, then I would act confused.

Then most of them would laugh and call me funny, and when they weren't looking, I'd refill my bottle.

It was that easy!

This microfic was written in response to last night's poll (since "More about Toa-Potioner" and "spells" tied, I, ah, tied up the answer).

You can find Toa-Potioner here -

(I am open to suggestions for a hashtag for these tales, like @Teryl_Pacieco has "TerylsTales" )

(I really like parentheses)

If you liked these fics (or any of my fiction, which is scattered around the web like stars in a night sky), please consider supporting me on #koFi or #Patreon.



"You really jammed a primate spanner into the gears," the tall alien custodian grumbled.

We sat in sheepish silence.

We hadn't MEANT to. We'd heard about the space-station's zoo; not only was it full of animals from their home planet, but also many from Earth, long thought gone for good.

Who didn't want to see a gopher with their own eyes? Pet one?

And who could've predicted five Earthling teens could accidentally release... the whole zoo.

Flower glaceon taking a walk in the snow. Found the sketch and decided today's the day to colour it.

#mastoArt #krita #glaceon #pokemon #snow #art

The wizards glared, but their feline familiars purred, curled into each other in their little nest, all whiskers and fur.

They had been rivals since day one, and that was not about to stop now.

Except their familiars had fallen in love, and a litter was due any day now.

So for the sake of that, the wizards shared a residence, and tried to out 'grandparent' the other.

The familiars were fine with this, as long as nobody yelled.

Plese comsider backing my Krickstarter for pizza box labeld STUDENT LOAN FORGIVENSS attached to a rope I kin pull to lure injto my cave for being a cave monster okay

Autumn is the time of expenses!
🍂 💸 🍂

It gets cold around here fast, after all.


So now's a good time to remind you that I have a #KoFi - - where I post a couple free stories a month.

And I have a #Patreon - - where I post a whole bunch of stuff every month.

I'm $17/month from my next milestone on #Patreon. So if this can reach 1700 people, I just need 1% of them to patronize me!

Boosts appreciated.

Beyond-the-Clouds; that's what most foreigners called my homeland.

Ah, the quirks and challenges of language. Maps and atlases hadn't been updated in hundreds of years, but footnotes were finally being added, now that peace was well established.

I myself had never known the war, and even my grandparents had only the faintest recollections of the distant, bloody squabbles, and floods of refugees.

Now they were simply friends and neighbors.

in the near future I'd like to start offering single character sketch commissions somewhat like this for $25. thoughts? I've never done this before /:


He became her shadow, always at her heels, or watching over her shoulder while she played. If his eyes sometimes followed things she couldn't see, then that was fine. Or if he growled at dark corners and snapped at the air, it was only fair. She used to be afraid of the dark as well.

As for the dog, he dispatched every imp and demon sent to retrieve him. Now that he knew love, he was never going back.

#microfiction #TootFic

She'd found him tied to a fence at the side of the road, a noose around his neck and no collar to be found. A large black dog with a thick ruff, long teeth, and eyes that gleamed red when they caught the light.

He'd gone with her meekly enough. Let her bathe him, feed him. Brush the tangles from his fur.

She never told anyone about the blood around his mouth -- whatever he'd had to do to survive, she didn't blame him.


#microfiction #TootFic

I followed the eddies of light, barreling my way through crowds and traffic, leaving a wake of curses and honks behind me.

It was hard to keep track of the ones I needed; the world was full of these drifting streams of magic. I hardly blinked so I was thankful for my goggles. I just wished they were cooler. All I could afford were cheap plastic swimming ones; but they sufficed.

Finally, after hours of rambling, I'd found The Entrance.

My new eyes were loud. I didn't like it, but I was assured I'd get used to it in no time, and until then, they'd release a sedative to help me sleep at night. Free bonus as part of my first upgrade - I just had to repeat the code phrase three times. I also had a scrip for refills if I required it.

My crows feet itched but I resisted the urge to scratch... or sneeze. Even though I knew it was impossible I was still afraid they might fall out.

"They say you can see the future."
"You got two words wrong with that sentence: I don't SEE, I remember, I was there. And it's not THE future, it's A future. My presence here has already fucked the timeline. Kennedy should have been shot in the head by now."
"Regardless, I want to know everything you know about the Soviets and their strategies."
"Yeah? Well I want a taro bubble tea and a smartphone full of hentai, I recommend you get used to disappointment."

I'm heading out to write today!
✨ 📚 ✨

If you'd like to buy me an apple juice (not a coffee person) or help me cover bus fare, I'd really appreciate it.



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The air was too cold and the seats were too warm. I was sweating and shivering; I could see no way to balance out my temperature situation.

Waiting Rooms are a known special kind of hell, and I was waiting to be assigned an accursed position.

I'd worked hard for this. Honestly, I was impressed at this flex of skills - almost every other candidate had left.

I couldn't wait to show them what I could bring to upper management at Hexinc.

A computer’s superpower, to freely copy and manipulate information, is in fundamental opposition with a scarcity economy.

Since the beginning of Web 2.0 it seems the entire industry has been focussed on artificially injecting scarcity back into the system.

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