Gard was an orc renowned for his vast knowledge.
He knew how much blood a skull contained.
He knew exactly how to break bones not once but twice if necessary.
He deftness with a blade was unparalleled and owned the sharpest set of anyone who knew him.
With the help of his elven husband, who brewed the most powerful sleeping potions and crafted the softest bandages, they were an unbeatable pair of healers and greatly loved by the tribe.

@Teryl_Pacieco Nice twist!

Sadly I don't feel comfortable boosting without a CW.

@Teryl_Pacieco I'd go with "blood" and "broken bones" at the very least.

@kirby Ah, fair enough. My own personal mental picture was more akin to a medical book I forgot my own misdirection. 😳

@kirby Even media like 'The Magic Schoolbus' matter of factly talks about how much blood there is in the human body. Sorry about that. But thank you for the fave and for bringing that kind of thing to my attention! 😊

@kirby Reading articles about setting bones or surgical procedures can be dry and sterile, I was very stuck on that even when I was making it sound like typical orcish violence. I forgot/miscalculated the veneer of gore that placed over it.

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