The hawk perched on the bleached white skull.

The raven coughed, "That's my spot."


"It's what people expect to see when they come here."

"Sounds like there's a cliché being perpetuated."

The raven considered this, "Yes but... it sets the MOOD, y'know? Makes the humans think about their mortality and all that."

"I would argue that's more the skull than you on it..."

"Granted; I just don't think you'll have the same effect."


"What if I drape some entrails over it? Right over the brow. That should 'set the mood', the smell of fresh blood..."

"Where would you get all that?

"Guess," the hawk said, meaningfully.

"I... I have a better idea! How about I visit my folks! Skull's yours for the day!"


"Sure, a week, why not?!"

The soothsayer was baffled by the change in birds, but the novelty drummed up extra business.

The hawk and raven shared the skull after that, if the raven didn't just want a week off.

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