"I was raised by the fae," said the fair boy with slim fingers, glowing faintly.

"I was raised by wolves," grinned the freckly girl, hair a nest of snarls; claw like nails at the tips of her limbs.

"I was raised by mermaids," confessed the dusky teen with shimmering skin and webbed fingers.

"I was raised by middle-class parents... so I can drive us all to the mall if you want?"

The unlikely friends piled in for a shopping adventure.

@Teryl_Pacieco oh yeah this totally needs to be made into a Fate Core scenario.

SO much potential from this. I mean, your other stories are fantastic _stories_ with potential - but this is different. This is more "here's a thing to get you started..." and I love the boundless potential from it, how it's setting the stage - and then stepping aside for the brain to go in so MANY different possible directions. This is a preamble, where your others are openings (:

I'd buy the book!
Love it and wish I could read more about them

— 🌧️​ Quiet Rain (they/them)

@Teryl_Pacieco Read this first on Patreon and I really love it. Another one I want a little more of but YAY

@Teryl_Pacieco This one espacially desserves a comic strip, I'd say.

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