The old dog gazed about; barely able to see. So she sniffed at her favorite, if faded, scent. Her small human was away at a place called kol-edge.

Not so small anymore, she reminded herself. Not-so-small-human could even pick her up now.

"I want to keep protecting my not-so-small human," she mused tiredly.

"Even if you must shed your fur," asked a clear black-robed figure.

"Yes," the dog didn't hesitate.

And then she was bounding.


I'm sorry, could you explain the ending?
My english is not so good and I usually understand your microfictions but not this time.
(it reminded me of Clifford D. Simak's Towser thougjh)

@LienRag Death freed the dog's soul so it could become a spirit guardian.

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