"I don't wanna kidnap princesses!" whined the little dragon.

"Then you needn't," replied the little dragon's father.

"But grampa said."

"Grampa is very old, and things were different in his time," the little dragon's father explained, "So if you'd rather kidnap princes, you have your mother's and my support."

"But I don't wanna kidnap ANYBODY."

The larger dragon paused, puzzling this fact.

"You... could develop Ransomware?"


@Teryl_Pacieco gotta kidnap SOMETHING, right--if not people, then information.


Kidnap the books. That will get the princesses and princes up in arms! 😃


@sohkamyung @Teryl_Pacieco sounds like a dragon horde situation tbh--albeit one where they must be very careful of fire...

@lj_writes @Teryl_Pacieco Perhaps maybe some convoluted multi-person hostage situation, then? That would be fine...

@MadestMadness @Teryl_Pacieco "kidnap" abandoned animals off the streets to give them a loving home 🐶🐭🐱

@MadestMadness @lj_writes @Teryl_Pacieco "Hi! I'm the kingdom's new dragon. Don't mind me, I'll just move into this tower here. Feel free to feed me and give me lots of gold and pretty things, and send someone in to pet me and keep me amused. I won't be any trouble, I promise! .... as long as you keep me suitably comfortable." *big, big draconic grin*

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