There were never any mirrors in the house. We didn't think it strange of course, and our guardian was an excellent artist, so we knew what we looked like. But as we aged and grew more observant, we couldn't help catching glimpses in spilled water.

We gathered around the well one day, giving ourselves our first real look.

Our real reflections.

We did not know why we were taken from the sea, but we returned without a second thought.

@Teryl_Pacieco I like the idea behind this, but were they isolated from eachother? How else would they not notice how the others looked different from how they were depicted by the guardian?

@FiXato They looked like as the art depicted but their reflections in the water was truer than what their eyes perceived on land.

@Teryl_Pacieco ahh :) guess I'm not that well versed in lore, but should help with that ;)👍

@FiXato I pretty much made that bit up but it's not unprecedented in fantasy.

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