"I love roses," the mermaid sighed, "I wish I had some."

"Why not just sing for roses to be brought to you?" asked her sea serpent companion.

"To what end? They would wither within days."
The mermaid sighed again and dove below, no longer wanting to think on the matter.

The serpent pondered, then sought a harpy to carry a message to a dragon.

The dragon considered the message and laid out terms, which the harpy passed back.


The serpent accepted the dragon's terms, and so scoured the oceans for three hundred fist sized pearls.

Pleased, the dragon sought dwarves and gnomes to tinker a greenhouse boat, and launched it within weeks, loaded with roses of all fragrances and colors... and a single confused gardener.

The serpent gasped in wonder and excitedly called for the mermaid, who was overjoyed, but returned the gardener to land quite quickly because human gardeners required almost as much care as roses do.

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