The unicorn looked as though it was a piece of living night sky, dusky purple and black from nose to tail; horn and hooves obsidian in sheen but so much more resilient.

She lounged beside me, silent except for the wind in her mane.

Every so often she would tap my arm with the side of her horn and I would scroll back up the page I was reading.

"I wish you could read faster," I mumbled.

"You should savor the words more," she retorted.

@Teryl_Pacieco how did you tap directly into my childhood *crosses out childhood* dream scenario?!


@vicorva Oh I must have snatched it out of the inspiration ether whilst you slept; many apologies! Ideas don't always indicate their origins. 😹

@Teryl_Pacieco ahh, that makes sense. I think I felt a wobble in the dream fabric. :blobCat:

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