It's funny what toddlers learn.

When my little Jamie told me "There's a gorgeous man in the garden" I was at first impressed they had retained such a big word, but quickly learned they had somehow observed my spouse say "Hello gorgeous" whenever I was getting changed.

Needless to say, I wasn't expecting a naked elf, utterly lost in my backyard. I gave him a towel and some directions; and now I have a fae boon I'm hesitant to utilize.

It'd been a childish dare; run naked through the human realm.

At five hundred, Baxner should've known better, but partying with satyrs always resulted in foolhardy behavior - so he'd accepted.

Now the elf was lost, hungover and a small human was laughing at him.

Thankfully, the ruckus was interrupted by the child's parent, who kindly gave him a robe and directions.

He bestowed upon them a customary Boon of thanks and staggered home.

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@Teryl_Pacieco as a parent, this is so relatable, that I didn't realize this was fiction until the third paragraph. Well done!

My first thought reading what the child said was, "There's a unicorn in the garden." So the elf wasn't a big surprise.

Is this the other side of the story of the gorgeous man?

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