The necklace had been passed down for generations; though sometimes it was a ring, and sometimes a bracelet. It changed for each person with no obvious pattern. It didn't seem to possess any other magic.

On my 18th birthday, the family gathered around to see what form it would take for me.

"My word!" My grandma exclaimed.

"I suppose it's technically a ring," her wife reasoned.

I slipped the brass knuckles on.

They fitted perfectly.

@anke Never saw that movie; I've been meaning to though... she has knuckledusters as a weapon?

@Teryl_Pacieco No, it's just something fandom decided she'd like better than decorative rings.
Like, there's a snippet going round of human AU Bog proposing with a gift of brass knuckles instead of a diamond ring.

Oh, a Strange Magic fan, in the wild! 😲 Hi! Is the fandom dead? I'm generally clueless about how popular it is.

@gold_pen_leaps Well, if you look at the tag on AO3, it seems quite lively for something base don a single movie, I think: 😀

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