"I have some news," he announced as casually as possible, "That you may find alarming."

I lowered the scroll I'd been scrutinizing.

"Er..." he fidgeted a bit and coughed, "There's a dragon parked in the stables."

I raised an eyebrow.

"And a princess with an ultimatum."

I blinked.

"Teach her magic or her dragon eats your favorite horse."

"Did you tell her she could just pay the tuition," I sighed.

"Oh! I'll do that right away, ma'am!"

Bloody princesses, coming over 'ere with their dragons, threatenin' our 'orses...

A certain princess might do well to do a bit more research before turning up making demands.

@kelkyag Princesses can sometimes be so used to being barred from doing or learning things they will assume that's how they'll be treated everywhere.

So very many ways a magic teacher who doesn't like one can ruin one's life. Or just preemptively slaughter one's dragon.

@FiXato Depends on the student, sometimes it's free. Spell components aren't cheap after all.

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