A singular desire drove the knight to the dragon's lair - no simple cave dwelling beast was the one known as Tyrsyn the Star-Devourer, instead he resided in a great tower of onyx and fire.

To the knight's surprise, Tyrsyn threw his gates open with flourish and no hesitation.

"Foolish knight," the dragon sighed, "Your journey is wasted, I have no interest in princesses thus keep none. Here's some gold for your trouble; run along home."


"Foolish dragon," the knight retorted cockily, "I've come to offer myself!"

"And why should I take you?"

"I hear you prefer princes."

"I do… Get to the point."

"I am Prince Alberias of Crowdel," the knight proclaimed.

"A most prosperous kingdom, once, and I imagine, still is; do you not wish to rule it?"

"I have six older siblings and a rather severe allergy to crowns."

"Then welcome, Prince Alberias… I’m afraid I have only one bed, so I hope you don’t mind sharing…"

"Not at all..."

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