It was a long shot, and I didn't feel good about it, but I snatched up the dragon's egg and dangled it over the side of the mountain.

The dragon's eyes widened, his voice trembling, "You wouldn't dare!"

"Well, an omelette would take too long," I bluffed.

There was a long silence, and my arms started to ache.

"Fine," the dragon growled, "I'll kidnap your wicked mind-controlling sister-in-law, princess."

I sighed with relief, "Thank you."

@Teryl_Pacieco are we sure the protagonist here isn't a mind-controlling princess?

Evidence: threatens to kill baby dragon in order to get dragon to take vengeance on her sister ...

@vicorva @Teryl_Pacieco wouldn't need the threat if she could control minds!

@varve @Teryl_Pacieco there are different ways of controlling minds, is all I'm saying XD

@vicorva @Teryl_Pacieco she's certainly controlling behaviour, but that's different.

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