"What's with the dress, son?"

I twirled, "It has a nice skirt, observe the swish!"

"It looks wrong."

"I think it looks good!"

My dad beckoned me closer and I stomped over, pride bruised, lip struck out in a defiant pout.

"It's inside out," he announced, pointing out the seams.

I blinked, looking closely, then started to blush.

He plonked my glasses on my nose.

"Anyway, wear it like that if you want, but I need help with dinner."

@Teryl_Pacieco When I saw the "#MircroFiction", I got a little sad lol. I had hoped it was a true story. Good read, anyways 😊

dont wory, if Teryl continues as til now, there is a bite of lovely #MicroFiction every one to three days to read. I think its as good as a "real story" ;)


You are so <3 some days I don't even know what to say. <3

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