"Because it was there!"

"People say that of mountains, rivers or oceans!"


"Surely you can see how tapping the queen's brooch is not comparable!"

"Surely you can see how it is!"


"She's incredibly well guarded, the brooch is magic and she's ten feet tall! A bona fide challenge!"

The duo finally found a hiding spot.

"And I thought you retired," panted the wizard.

"I am! I didn't even take it!" panted the rogue.

@Teryl_Pacieco this is good stuff :) do you ever write connected pieces or are these all one-offs?

@killdang I have occasionally revisited characters or done slightly longer form stories but I haven't had the headspace to hold and develop any characters lately (except for some NPCs in games I write for the group I play with).

Thanks for reading!

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