"Did it hurt when you fell from Heaven?"
"Considerably. Hitting water from that height is like hitting concrete. Thanks for getting me to shore," the angel said, graciously.
"No problem, I wasn't doing anything else... why did you fall, anyway?"
The angel grimaced, rubbing an injured wing, "Long story. Do you have all day?"
"I have nothing better to do," admitted the mermaid, "Sailors are harder to trick & lure these days."
"So. In the beginning..."

I like to think these two then go on to have adventures in taking down pirates, drug/weapons smugglers, and human-traffickers.


If you ever meet an angel anywhere but Heaven, be careful! Especially if the angel says something about a fall...

@Teryl_Pacieco sounds like the start to sweet lesbian fan fiction 👍

@Boudicca I imagine the angel to be androgynous/NB but the mermaid is pan and wants to get her splash on.

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