Make friends with a pineapple and know love


I'd like to clarify that when I asked earlier what people thought about vaginas for profile pics, it was because I saw a profile on the PTL that was using a vagina for the profile pic

For my part, I don't need that kind of attention.

I want coffee... but I also need to sleep tonight at some point without feeling too wired

If you want to join or support here's some links!

Whitelist request form (you don't have to own an instance to request one!):



That funny feeling like you're seeing odd lights out the corner of your eye and you're clearly hallucinating but then it turns out to be a firefly in your kitchen


I need your clothes, your boots, and your motorcycle

I am unpure.

I am a non-homogenized mix of generic medications, 80s movies, parental wisdom, pine cones, and macaroni and cheese.

I am love. ÔÖą

Just had to take a 5-minute timeout for sudden and crippling head-pain.

It was thankfully short-lived.

Should I be worried? That was awful and I'm kinda shaken by it.

Remember to click the ... to "expand this status" on posts

A lot of comments show up in the timeline and seem odd or angry or cool and aren't immediately apparent they are connected to something else.

I just read this entire thread:

It's partly a continuation of other discussions that have been transpiring for months. You may have caught bits from some of those.

The thread contains many perspectives on POC, QPOC, CWs and how people post, as well as the issues many people face that lead them to stay with or leave Mastodon.

It's worth reading if you haven't already.

Whether I share your perspective or not... I'm glad you're here.


@kimmie favorite this and I'll let you know if it comes through

in my reality, major world conflicts play out inside of obscure Doom mods and i think that's no less ridiculous than our own reality

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