Indian economy is sinking further. Eeconomy is headed for even greater trouble in the current quarter which ends in December 2019. Conventional electricity generation in October 2019 was a whopping 13 per cent lower than it was in October 2018

CJI Ranjan Gogoi will be remembered as the chief assassin of Indian judiciary

Indian democracy's "floor test" for a new government is like the infamous British virginity test' of '70s where immigrant women were put through heinous procedure if they intended to marry British citizen.
Same way, only a BJP government will be given a chance to prove majority, not any other party 🙄

Shiv Sena led government in Maharashtra will be a big blow to BJP in the long term. Sustaining power is the key to party’s survival in present day political party has introduced. Losing money rich Maharashtra will affect Delhi politics too. Good omen!

A journalist friend took ’s interview long back and told me about it as soon as it got over. Walking out, he narrated this sher Seshan recited in that interview:
“Sarfaroshi ka junoon aap mein jaga jis din,
Zulm ke hathon se talwar bhi gir jayegi”

So apt even today 🙌

Suffice to say that Indian Supreme Court legitimised mob violence and vandalism leaving both the law of the land and the constitution in tatters. SC has no locus standi morally

A grim reminder of a ghastly fact regarding NSG pullback of Gandhi family, Gujarat’s former Home minister and Modi nemesis Haren Pandya’s security cover had been withdrawn for political vendetta when he was murdered.
Modi was CM and Shah was Home minister then. Standard operating procedure!

You’re paying the price of not adhering to his statement Indians.
“Jala dete”!


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