Twitter is taking down posts that mention Mastodon . You'll get no impressions for that post. Twitter reacts😎

@TheAkhil like does that matter, people who want to make the change will find out how and make the change. Btw what is all about. I did see the site but didn't get what you are working on.

I didn't update that for a very long time. I work for FOSS community, make contributions, spreading the knowledge of Free and Open source.

@TheAkhil Really? I am signed out of Twitter on all devices except one but now I want to go back and look at the analytics for this! 😂

@TheAkhil That's the best sign that the Birdsite is very very scared about the move of so many people 😆 And it shows once more that these people are right when moving.Well done,Birdsite 😆 😆 😆

@TheAkhil based on your personal perception? Or do you have any sources/references for that claim?

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