The UK Gov't told the media today the Budget would be March 11th - the same day councils in Scotland legally must set budgets.

Head of the Tory group in Glasgow City Council, Thomas Kerr, appears to be using the Tory's Nurse Maths.

"Scottish drug deaths are 3 times higher than UK" - a mathematical impossibility given that Scotland is in the UK.

Not the brightest spark, is he?

Alex asks me this morning,

"See those who believe Britain's a country, what do they think makes it a union?"

For as we know, one country does not a union make 😉

#ScotRef #JustifyTheUnion #TreatyOfUnion #CountryNotCounty

Listening to Jackie Brambles on BBC Radio Scotland.

Never thought I'd say this but bring back Kaye Adams.

Good morning 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Anyone remember this from Trump 🤔

If you lead a local Yes group: The Hub can help local groups link up 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

No mention of Scotland but this is based on an 83% increase in electricity transfers from Scotland to England to a staggering 25 THOUSAND gigawatt hours. ONE gigawatt hour is a BILLION watts and enough to power 725 000 homes.

To you too Neil. Hope 2020 see's more of us using Mastodon 😉

"Hague et al are technicians.They take data they are given &process it.They do not question it..I regret to say that this shows remarkably little understanding of almost any aspect of accounting or economics.."

Personally I'd go further & say they're like a fundamentalist religious cult, GERS being their holy text that mustn't be questioned with all unbelievers who do question relentlessly attacked & pilloried.

Just heard Alisdair Gray has died. Another wonderful free thinker lost.

Please don't come here to vent about Twitter's backlash against supporters of Scottish Independence.
We have dominated social media for years. Now the BritNazi Establishment is staring down our double barrel so they're trying to silence us.
It's a sign we're in a new stage of our fight. Full frontal impact is imminent; regroup and tighten the ranks.
Stop wasting time with unionists: after so many years they're a lost cause.
Reach to the many that still think it's business as usual.

No, only 616 out of more than 18 THOUSAND did. Herald (and BBC) headline a survey that would fail a Primary 5 project.

has to be the biggest compilation of sycophants,fraudsters & charlatans yet. They've thrown in a few worthy & notable exceptions to make the gong show appear worthy. But when Ian Duncan Smith & Brian Wilson are included then it cheapens the rightful credit the true heroes deserve.
Farage has not been included in this one. His payment will come on the Queens birthday. Once is irrevocable.

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