Finally again on Mastodon. Forgot that I still had it😯

Hey guys, finally I have motivation to post here! Christmas vacation is always good.

When a Mastodon user who has been quiet for a long time starts posting again

Hey guys, finally I have motivation to post here! Christmas vacation is always good.

@Gargron hello, could you make the photo selection in the upload media screen of the mastodon app for Iphone accessible? Thanks

I nearly caused a scene at the sportsball field because the jackass told me he couldn't scan my barcode and I know damn well they only refuse certain formats to sway customers away from 3rd party brokers besides the one they are affiliated with. The fucking bastards.

I just got myself all worked up remembering the batball barcode bullshit. Time for me to calm my ass down.

Maybe I should add a small section to with positive quotes from users about the platform..? :thonking:

i thought i posted it here but i didn't a little korby with burg i painted a while ago #mastoart #kirby

I found a golden ticket in my DMs, I get to go on a tour of the mastodon factory and meet eugen!


I didn't even do anything spooky last night. I just went out in a thunderstorm to get cannabis yazzzzzszzzzzzzzzzz

A while ago I shared a link to that old article about how someone hijacked the author's Twitter username, and one thing mentioned in the article was how the author was constantly getting bombarded with password reset e-mails. That kind of reinforces my opinion that Mastodon shouldn't allow login-by-username and stick to login-by-email only.

I'm looking forward to when 3.0 is released and the other Mastodon servers will benefit from the same improvements as this one

So, how do you like the profile directory feature?

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