We are now officially in Half Life Hours until March 2020

I have returned because someone told me that @adamk678 has finished Stone Ocean and I need to ask:


I'm writing a thing on how video games have generally boring magic systems and how to make them better, and it might be one of the nerdiest things I've ever written

But man, I don't care, it's really fun to just write about something so specific like this

One thing I'm going to do to work towards my goal of getting that GI internships is write feature length things every 2 weeks on some game topics

How many of these are actually interesting topics?

I haven't wanted something this bad in years. I don't care how exhausted I am in a year, I'm going to do it.

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I had an absolutely surreal moment during one of my classes today when my classmate, who I knew from my games class last semester, told me that they interned at Game Informer this past summer. Watching their farewell podcast episode has been incredibly surreal, and it's convinced me that I am going to try my absolute hardest to be an intern next summer.

Finally went back to Attack on Titan after weirdly dropping it two years ago and now I'm completely caught up on the anime

Steel Ball Run spoilers 

Love how Diego's stand ability is just D I N O S A U R S

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I know what happens in part 6 of Jojo, so I started reading Part 7, Steel Ball Run, tonight, and MAN that first story segment was better than all of Phantom Blood & Battle Tendency put together

Boutta buy my first actual manga, getting vol 1-9 of Kaguya

We live in a world where a parodic presidential campaign account on Twitter has amassed more followers than an actual presidential candidate after just 3 days

John Delaney retire

IDK if it's cause I'm hungry or because a giant weight just got lifted off my shoulders but this post from r/sbubby is sending me into CONNIPTIONS

Had a nice long talk and now I'm feeling significantly better and now INCREDIBLY hungry since I haven't eaten properly for the past few days

Legitimately feel like I'm going to throw up almost all of the time rn, but idk if there's even anything to throw up at this point in time, besides water

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I can't talk about why rn, but I've been feeling super nervous for the past few days to the point that it's really hard for me to eat and concentrate on work and it really ultra mega sucks

TBH can't believe that @adamk678 didn't make his FFXIV home on Cactuar, I'd DIE to play on a Cactuar world honestly

Family politic thing, Amazon 

It's incredibly frustrating talking to my mom about any political issue which involves raising taxes, because she always says "but EVENTUALLY, you're gonna run out of taxable income"

I mean yeah sure, maybe if we raise the rate to 100%, but all I'm talking about is hey maybe get Amazon to pay some taxes on their income so that people can get health care

It's freakin hot here and there's no AC and no fan in my room until tomorrow

Thankfully, my roommate is out of town for 4th of July, so I can just strut around without a shirt on to try and help myself cool down

I've been trying to make a FFXIV character, but every time I try, the world all of my friends are in is full so I can't actually make my character

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