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Hey friendos! I'm more active on these days.

So you should follow me over there.

(imma pin this so yeh)

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Bee: I can't stand people.
Me: 😢😢😢 Meeee?
Bee: You're not people.

Reminder: I post a shit ton of lewds on Instagram so if you're into that follow me there too!

Lewd/no nudity 

Lewd/Female nudity 

The wheels on the bus go... 

Someone I kinda know on another social place asked about "scariest horror films" so in keeping with the LaserDisc.Party vibes what is the scariest horror film you've seen?


Brainstorming clever photo shoot ideas to keep myself from thinking about work on my 4 days off next week...

Suggestions welcome.

What do you call those little images that you write your name on when you donate to a charity and the place hangs them up all over?

Things I searched on the internet tonight:

- Burn out symptoms.
- Fender Squier Strat.
- How to ask for days off when there are no good days to take off.
- What animal has the most nipples.

Showing kindness ≠ Showing weakness.
Understand no one is 100% perfect at expressing what they mean, or how they feel.

It's a pretty major aspect of the human experience to be and to feel misunderstood.

No one will ever totally get what you mean or how you feel, and that's OKAY. Just try to slip a degree of understanding into your interactions with other humans, whichever side of the connection you happen to be on.

Unless they're an unrepentant fucking asshole or something. Then fuck em.

So what's up today.
Catch me up cause I worked too hard.

Took a bunch of new photos because my t-shirt addiction is for reals...

We set up a private instance for our photo project. If you found me already WOW and also Oh Hi! ❤️

There is currently an issue with OVH that caused one database server to stop responding inside the VLAN.

This issue is affecting about 1/3 of the instances hosted.


I'm really sorry about this but hopefully they will fix this soon.

If I get more information I will post it here.

Lewdish photo / lewd account info 

What I would really love for my birthday is about 387 more followers

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